Frieth Road, Bovingdon Green, Nr. Marlow, Bucks SL7 2JF
01628 48 86 11
the royal oak


Who would run a pub? Well, truth be told, we would.

It's what we do - what we've always wanted to do. Bring the pubs of fond memory into the light once more. So we searched the highways and (often forgotten) byways of the Chilterns to create our little clutch of born again boozers. Unsung little gems, ready for a new start.

And although our pubs may be a tad harder to find, people find their way; from first-time visitors and the fine diners to the regulars and locals who call us home. Our pubs are for everyone - you may even have to step over a dog or two on your way to the bar. This is how it has always been and how we like it.

As we like to think of ourselves as quite cosmopolitan, our GM James originates from South Africa, but has been learning our British ways since he was a teenager, so it's easy to think he's a local here at "The Loyal Folk". Bringing some great experience and real warmth to your favourite pub, James has beenwith us for over 3 years.

James is backed up by our hard working and quite lovely deputy manager Laura (all the way from Reading!) and his fabulous No. 3 - Andrew. A harder working team of friendly, charming folk you'll never meet.

They like smiling too. Smiling is good – good for you and good for them. A warm welcome is as good as a perfect Sunday roast – so why not have both? Greet our happy crew with a cheerful hello and they will respond with your heart’s desire. It’s an age-old equation – and it works.

This is what we do. And we love it.

" If we dont know who grew it, or where they grew it we just dont use it...